Long Distance Relationship APPs Can IMPROVE Your Relationship!

1. Couple (for Android and iOS)

Couple is a fantastic app that is used by millions of couples. You can do some interesting things, like thumb kiss (super cute and fun the first few times!), share each other’s location and draw together. They also have traditional features like sending video, pictures and text. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about it!

Click here to visit their website and sign up.


2. Avocado (Android, iOS and Web)

This app allows traditional and long distance couples stay connected throughout the day. For you long distance couples, it will help you share your schedule with each other, make lists together and write love notes to each other. If you’re into sexting, this app is perfect because you are connected to only your partner (no more accidental sexts!) and the data transfers are encrypted.


Check out their website to learn more.


3. Without (iOS)

This app is pretty simple- it’s like SnapChat for couples. It only connects you with one person- your partner. Makes it super easy to send each other selfies (and gives you the ability to write on the pictures). They have a few extra features for long distance couples, like telling you their location, local time and the weather.

Click here to download the app.


4. Qupid (Android)

You can send virtual kisses and love-buzzes to each other. There are notes to save personal reminders along with a feed to say things about your better half. A date planner and notes will allow you to plan your future dates. You can also easily share pictures of your daily activities or text through the feeds which are just for two of you.

Check out their website for more.


5. Kindu (Android, iOS)

Kindu allows you to connect with your partner by responding to a series of questions or prompts about how he/she feels with “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”  Later, you and your significant other can review your matches.

The suggestions range from non-sexual to very adventurous to heat you both up.  You can also type in your own suggestions, and those suggestions will come up later when your significant other is going through the questions. It can be an amazing way to discover more about your partner’s desires or even help you keep the sexual spark alive.

Check out the website here.


6. Wearables (iOS, Android)

Perfect for those couples who want to save the physical connection. The app allows you to give control of your sex toy to someone who is miles away and opposite. Simply connect the toy, have your better half download the app and add them as a friend. Then give them permission to control your toy from their phone.


Click here for more information.


7. Body Chat (iOS, Android, PC, MAC)

Interactive Virtual Sex just got REAL! Imagine you and your partner having toys which sync together. The APP allows you have a video chat or you can connect just the toys and use Skype/Facetime for the video part.

Click here for more information. 


8. Between (Android, iOS, PC, MAC)

It allows couples to send text messages, voice messages, post pictures, and offers a blog-like space where you and your partner can create photo albums and long notes. Reminders for anniversaries, birthdays or any special days such as the day you met can be set in the app’s calendar.

Check out their website here.

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