Sexy Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Another special day is coming up and you’re still separated by the distance- whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day it can be hard to keep coming up with new ideas for special gifts.

Have you ever sent your boyfriend a sexy gift? We’ve got some hot ideas that will surprise your partner and may lead to some incredible Skype sex by the end of the special night.. Hope you find them useful!


#1: Pictures – A Simple Gift For Your Long Distance Boyfriend

The thing your partner craves the most is seeing you. How often have you been snapping and sending pictures? What about naughty pictures? What has been holding you back?

They don’t need to be nudes… take pictures that you are comfortable with! Your partner will appreciate the effort and it will surely turn them on. I’m not comfortable taking pictures and having them printed out at a store… so I typically do this using a Polaroid camera.


Bonus Tip: The best response I got was when I did a picture striptease. I made a small scrapbook-type book. Each page had a Polaroid glued on it and I wrote things along with each picture. As said as he flipped through each page, he got more and more excited! He called me immediately to tell me how hot it was and we had even more fun when we Skyped each other that night!


#2: Panties – An Intimate (And Incredibly Sexy) Gift For Your Long Distance Boyfriend

If you’re on a budget, there is nothing sexier you can do than him a pair of your sexy panties. Hear me out- panties are one of your most intimate possessions. Nobody gets to see them or touch them, but you and your man. Sending him a pair of your favorite (or better yet, his favorite) panties is like sending him a little piece of you.

Include a note saying how much you miss him and wish you could be with him on this special day. The look on his face when he opens up the package/envelope will be priceless. He will be shocked, especially if you’ve never done something like this before.

Bonus Tip: You know how you love the smell of his sweatshirt? Well, for best effect- wear the panties, and then send them. It may sound weird, but trust me! He loves the smell of you, just like you love the smell of him. I can guarantee that he has gotten a sniff of your panties before when you weren’t looking. To be able to smell you from miles away will drive him absolutely crazy- in the best way possible!


#3: Interactive Sex Toys – Your Long Distance Boyfriend Would Love This Gift!

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more sexy- check out set of Teledildonic sex toys. They are the perfect gift for couples in a long distance relationship. All your teasing and mutual masturbating during Skype sessions will now become foreplay! Some are fully interactive, while others are one-way interactive… Check out this set of toys! They have two main features- one is the ability to be controlled from any distance and the other is being able to sync. When he’s moving his toy, your toy will move based on what he’s doing. When you move your toy, his will react! There is no better way to (virtually) spend your special nights together.

Sexy woman on bed write message


#4: Sexy Count Down

This idea came from traditional Advent Calendar- 25 days before Christmas my parents used to give me a Calendar with doors leading to a surprise! I would open one a day and find chocolates of different shapes. With a bit of tweaking you can convert it into a sexy and involving game. Moreover, you can do it more than once a year!


How it is done: let’s say, fifteen days before you meet, get him/her involved into a bunch of daily sexy surprises!


Some Examples:

  • Pick out 3 sex positions you’d like to try and give them hints by sending links (get inspired here);
  • A sexy Truth or Dare game;
  • A picture of you wearing sexy lingerie which you would be wearing next time you meet;
  • Couple’s sex toys;
  • Kinky sex accessories;
  • A set of sperm count increasing foods (anything from dark chocolate, walnuts, oranges, pumpkin seeds, bananas to broccoli and asparagus etc. Pick up few which are more attractive than broccoli and make a nice gift with a note clearly stating your intention!).


This idea will work out perfectly even if you are far away – you can send a picture of each gift every day as a teaser, and take everything with you once you go 🙂 This will drive them mad before you visit in the best possible way! If you don’t see each other so often, you might want to send 1-2 “online teasers” a week.

Gift wrapped woman chest


#5: Virtual Striptease!

Looking for a long distance Valentine’s day ideas? Let them open a bottle of champagne and enjoy a Virtual Striptease via Skype! You can start with a dinner date before.


Bonus Tip: Make it more special and show them you invested time, record it in advance and send the video file to their house (maybe include some lube or a sex toy)!  


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