Plenty of Long Distance Sex Toys to Choose From! I review most below!

Once you get yourself in a long distance relationship, one aspect of your life takes a huge step back – NO SEX, unless you get lucky (don’t get me wrong- those rare times you manage to meet or find a way around the distance problem)!


For the first year in a long distance relationship we didn’t even know that long distance toys existed, but we still managed to find a way to experience long distance sexual pleasures as much as our fantasies allowed us to by using a dildo while on a Skype call. To be honest, discovering our first long distance sex toys changed things a lot – less arguments and more smiles, to name few.


How to choose the toy that best fits you? Read on!



Lush and Hush


A pink bullet vibrator Lush accompanied by Hush (newly released butt plug) are my favorites! I love these toys because they are waterproof, powerful, discreet, and have a fairly good connection over long distances – it’s up to your creativity how you use this to your advantage.

What about public play — while you are watching a movie in a cinema, attending a cooking course, shopping for groceries – anywhere you can think of, as long as you both have internet connection, and you can manage to control your face? They come in handy not only for those times when you are apart, but for when you are in bed together, too. The toys come with a corresponding app which offers plenty of feature — syncing to music, syncing to your voice, creating and sharing patterns, or syncing the toys together and get them to respond to each other’s movements. Oh, and what about having alarm buzz to wake you up in the mornings?


Nora and Max


The first long distance sex toys we ever got to try is a set which includes a rabbit vibrator (Nora) and a male masturbator (Max) from the same company (good news for same sex couples – any combination is possible). Nora has a rotating head to hit your G-spot and a vibrating arm, both controlled separately from each other. Max has vibrations and air pump features to create a suction feeling and mimic the contractions. While the toys are not suitable for public play, they are definitely must-haves if you are in a long distance relationship. You can use a one-way control, or — wait for it — get the toys synced together and respond to each other’s movements so you can reach the big O together, even while apart!

Are big distances between you two creating a big time difference? You have an option to record a session so you can enjoy it alone and immerse yourself into the pleasures of that special night whenever you feel like!



Pearl and Onyx

One more option which will allow both of you to enjoy the perks of teledildonics. For those who like minimalistic features, Pearl and Onyx Couple (variations possible for same sex couples) have very appealing designs – looking at Onyx you can hardly guess what it really is. The device is a bit heavy and my boyfriend said it could have stronger sensations (it has three modes: fist-pump mode, slow motion mode, and a manual mode).


Pearl has an appealing appearance and a soft silicone cover. Even though I personally haven’t tried it, I know that many vaginas out there have been highly satisfied with Pearl for solo use!


A fine-looking video chat interface allows you to enjoy long distance sex as long as both sides are connected to internet and with each other over the corresponding app — both toys can transmit signals to each other so you can actually feel what the other person does.



Blue Motion Nex|1 and Blue Motion Nex|2

Blue Motion Nex|1 is a sleek and tiny panty vibrator which looks just like Club Vibe by OhmiBod. It can be easily worn under tight clothes and controlled via distance in real time — great for  virtual public play with your sweetheart while FaceTiming. I could totally use it for virtual foreplay or when my partner is visiting. However, the vibrator is actually so tiny that you might need something a bit bigger and stronger to take off.


Blue Motion Nex|2 is a vibrator which can be used for a G-spot or clitoral stimulation. It has a neat design, and its shape is perfect for those who are just entering the world of sex toys.


Overall, however, I think that there are few disadvantages which make both toys not worth their price: they are splash proof (but not waterproof), so you don’t have much freedom when it comes to usage (imagine the Blue Motion Nex|2 in the bathtub!). When it comes to the app, it’s not really stable. It can become rather frustrating when trying to take control of your partner’s toy. Keep in mind it’s only the female that is getting the pleasure. The only pleasure the other person gets is through the ability to control the toy.


On a positive note, the app has some innovative features like tracking your orgasms (if you ever feel the need to – but I’m not sure why would I want to do that). Also, besides the long distance control, the app has touch, voice, tap, wave, and rhythm functions. I think it can be fun to use the toys if the app gets is improved.


Je Joue 

Nuo and Dua

Nuo unisex anal toy (which, to be honest, didn’t look feminine enough for me to actually buy it) can be enjoyed over distance, but the Je Joue app allows only one function: record the pattern and send it to your lover. To be honest, this might become more frustrating than pleasurable.


I would say that it is more suitable for public play since you can’t enjoy the thrill of controlling it in real-time (the main feature needed if you want to have a long distance sex toy which actually does satisfy you).


Dua is a cute G-spot and clitoral stimulator which has two independent vibrators. It lets you choose what works the best for your body. Uses the same app as Nuo. It, unfortunately, also has quite limited long distance features.




Vibease and Esthesia

Vibease is a remote control waterproof vibrator that’s made from a body safe silicone and looks so pretty that I would gladly carry it in my handbag all the time (just in case!) It can be worn under your (tight) panties any time you want.


Esthesia rabbit vibrator has a beautiful and smooth look, designed for Gspot and clitoris play. A good choice for the ladies who have their partner far away to play with them or are alone. However, in this case, the game can only be played one-way.


Both toys can be controlled by your partner at any distance via the interactive touchpad on the Vibease app, synced with music or your texts. You can make audio or video calls too. The app has something different from other ones out there for those who like erotica: the vibrations can sync with erotic audiobooks… And there is a surprisingly huge selection of them!



Nova, Rave, We-Vibe Classic, We-Vibe Sync and We-Vibe 4 Plus

Wevibe has 5 toys which work with their We-Connect app as long as you and your sweetie has 3G/4G/wifi: Nova (dual vibrator for females), Rave (G-spot stimulator), We-Vibe Classic, We-Vibe Sync, and We-Vibe 4 Plus (originally designed as vibrators for couples to be used during sex). The easy and appealing designs made me fall in love with all of them!


The app can sync to the sound or given permission to control your toy in real time. You can even create a personal playlist or draw your own vibe. However, the only drawback about We-Vibe products is that the pleasure is one-way. When apart, one of you might feel a bit left out.


Before you purchase anything, you might want to consider the fact that Standard Innovation (We-Vibe maker) was recently sued because We-vibe Bluetooth enabled vibrators to transmit the user data (such as vibration intensity and heat level) back to the company’s servers in Canada. Standard Innovation stated that this information determines if the device processors are operating correctly. They also have taken steps to enhance the data security. You can read more about it here.

All the information about their toys here.

Evolved Novelties

Vibratissimo Uno, Vibratissimo Duo, Vibratissimo Tre, Vibratissimo Clinique, Vibratissimo Sei

Vibratissimo is a product line that includes five female toys (two types of kegel balls and three vibrators) to meet everyone’s needs and is controlled by the Vibratissimo app. All of them are made using medical grade silicone, splash proof (not waterproof) and can be controlled via long distance or remotely for the personal use.


All the toys have multiple speeds and can be used with or without the app. The cool thing about the app is that it allows you to do Kegel exercises and track your progress. It even has an orgasm detector by tracking the temperature of your vagina!

I found the design of the toys, however, a bit masculine. Also, all of them are more suitable for a solo play than for people in the long distance relationships.


You can find more information about their toys here.

If you are considering buying your first set of long distance sex toys, you are doing a huge favor to yourself and your relationship. Congratulations — you can finally concentrate on building the bond with your sweetheart.


If you have any questions about long distance sex toys, you can drop a private message using a contact form and I will gladly share more advice!

10 thoughts on “I Bet Long Distance Sex Toys Would Improve Your Relationship!

  1. Hello! Hopefully you are still monitoring this. My husband and I are looking for something that is App driven, will go into “sleep” mode and hold a charge for a long time, and that will work anytime “I” (the wearer) am in a wi-fi area (not necessarily at home- so will automatically connect to any wi-fi it’s around, even one I set up with my own phone). Needs to be QUIET. I read some less than stellar reviews on the Vibratissamo Duo, so found the Lovesense Lush. What is your opinion on one over the other? Thank you!

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment!

      I have not personally tried Vibratissimo Duo- as I mentioned in the article, I did not like the design of it much, so I can’t give more details of the sound or the stability of the app.

      I do have Lush, though- it is silent and comfortable to wear- perfectly suitable for public play. Regarding the connectivity: you need to pair it with the app directly, once it’s done, it will automatically become active as long as the app is working and you have the internet connection, so your partner can send the patterns and surprise you even if you are sitting in a silent office 🙂 The app has some cool functions- it syncs to the sound, you can create patterns or receive a pattern as an “alarm clock” (works well if you are having a big time difference and are rarely awake at the same time).

      You can check out my review on Lush here.

      Hope it helps!

      Hugs, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Nice to see your comments.
    We are a couple, she also from China and call her Lisa too. He from Norway. We use Lush but are looking into Hush for him or both. She is scared about the size. We hope she can take it.
    To the question, have you tried Lush and Hush in a combo, simultaneously? How to control both over internet, is it possible for the man to control them both, if yes. Do they work in parallel or independent?

    1. Hey guys!

      Well, I was scared about the size of Hush too, but the smaller one works well for me 🙂 However, if you decide to go for it, buy a good water-based anal lube to make you comfortable.

      Regarding using Lush and Hush simultaneously, Lovense Remote has a function called “Sync together”. Once you enable it, one of you (you can choose who) gets to control both toys and both Lush and Hush responds to controlling person’s finger movements on the control panel. So, you both get to feel the same vibration at the same time.

      Hope you enjoy!
      Hugs, Lisa

  3. what is your choice between the we vibe sync and the lovense lush? which works better overall and gives a better response long distance (different states)? are there any others you might recommend over these ? there is also the blue bird I saw that seems similar to the lovense lush — any thoughts on the two and if this is better than others? thanks

    1. Hi monte,

      I haven’t used We-Vibe Sync, but I used We-Vibe 4 plus and Lovense Lush, so I can give you that comparison. We-vibe 4 plus can only be worn comfortably if I lay down on my back. The toy just finds a way to pop out of me in any other position, including during sex. While Lush is not designed to be worn during sex, stays comfortably inside for extended periods of time. Regarding long distance functionality: I definitely vote for Lovense’s app, it’s easier, smoother, doesn’t crash and the toy responds… We-Connect app just doesn’t seem to work over distance. Toy keeps disconnecting every minutes (and, even if it’s connected, it doesn’t respond).

      I think you are referring to Little Bird? If yes, it’s a toy that syncs to erotic audiobooks…Not sure about the long distance feature at all.

      Hope this helps! Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hey There,

    I’m new to this, and I am just really concerned with finding the right toy with an app that actually works. I have read a few reviews in the app store, and most of those reviews claim the apps don’t work. Your review has been the most comprehensive so far. Which app works?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Moco,

      Lovense remote app works the best for me. I have been using their products for over 2 years and the app is only improving in terms of looks and the way it works.

      Hope that helps. Lisa

  5. Hi! I’m in a long distance relationship and struggling to decide between the Vibease and the Lush 2. Which one has better connection as my boyfriend will be controlling it from another country?

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