Lovense Lapis Review

Lovense Lapis Review: Dive Deep into the World of Strapless Strap-ons

Overview of Lovense Lapis

With the ever-evolving world of intimate toys, the Lovense Lapis stands out as a masterpiece in the strapless strap-on category. We’re here to provide an in-depth examination of this product, helping you understand its unique features and potential benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of intimate gadgets or just beginning to explore, let us guide you through what makes the Lovense Lapis special.

Did you know? Strapless strap-ons have changed the game, offering a blend of pleasure, empowerment, and intimacy that’s unparalleled. If you’re wondering why they’ve become such a rage, you’re about to find out!

What is a Strapless Strap-on?

Understanding the Concept

A strapless strap-on, as its name implies, is a dildo designed to be worn without the need for harnesses or straps. It’s like the modern answer to the traditional strapped dildos, offering a more intimate connection between partners. Imagine a dance where both participants are in sync, moving harmoniously without any external restraints. That’s what using a strapless strap-on feels like.

But what sets it apart from its strapped counterpart?

  • Freedom: No straps mean more freedom to move and adjust during intimate moments.
  • Intimacy: It allows for closer body contact, making the experience more personal.
  • Empowerment: The wearer can experience the sensation of penetration in a unique way.

Why is this relevant? As we delve into the specifics of Lovense Lapis, understanding the core concept of a strapless strap-on will help you appreciate its intricacies better.

Features of Lovense Lapis

The Lovense Lapis is not just any strapless strap-on; it’s a marvel of design and functionality. Here, we’ll break down its salient features, letting you see why it’s worth every cent.

Three Independent Motors and Their Controls

Embedded within the Lovense Lapis are three powerful motors that can be controlled independently. This means you can customize the experience based on your preferences and mood. Think of it as having a personalized DJ for your pleasure, adjusting the vibes just how you like it.

The Vibrating Bulb – A Focus on the G-spot

It’s not every day that a sex toy caters to the wearer’s G-spot. This insertable vibrating bulb is designed to offer a double dose of pleasure, ensuring the wearer is not left out. The experience? It’s akin to discovering a new song that resonates deeply, playing on repeat in your mind.

The Benefits of Lovense Lapis

While its physical features are impressive, what truly sets Lovense Lapis apart are the benefits it brings to its users.

Shared Pleasure for the Wearer and the Receiver

One of the standout benefits of the Lovense Lapis is its capability to provide pleasure to both the wearer and the receiver. With its three independent motors, each partner can have a deeply satisfying experience.

Picture this: You’re in the midst of a symphony where every note is carefully chosen to maximize your pleasure.

Adaptability to Various Body Types

Whether your partner is slim, corpulent, tall, or short, Lovense Lapis caters to all. Its flexibility ensures that the toy always hits the right spot, offering a fully immersive sensation.

List of Key Benefits:

  1. Wearable: It gives the wearer a sense of integration with the toy.
  2. Stimulation of Multiple Areas: Clitoris, G-spot for the wearer, and G-spot or anus for the receiver.
  3. Versatile Play: Can be used in any position without the risk of slipping out.
  4. Stamina: Offers prolonged sessions without the wearer getting tired.
  5. Aquatic Use: Suitable for intimate moments in the shower, bathtub, or pool.

The Lovense App and Its Benefits

The digital age has brought us a plethora of conveniences, and intimate toys are no exception. Lovense Lapis is compatible with Lovense apps, thus offering a multitude of possibilities.

Play from Afar

Whether you’re in long-distance relationships or just want to spice things up, the Lovense app allows you to control the toy from any location. It’s like having a remote control for your partner’s pleasure!

Give Control to Someone Else

This aspect is particularly thrilling. You can hand over the control of your Lovense Lapis to someone else, introducing a dimension of surprise to your experience.

Think about it: It’s a bit like closing your eyes while someone else picks the music. You never know which song will play next, adding a touch of anticipation to every moment.

Care Tips for Your Lovense Lapis

Owning a quality toy like this requires proper maintenance to ensure its longevity. Here are some recommendations to keep your Lovense Lapis in perfect condition.


The silicone, the primary material of Lovense Lapis, is not only skin-friendly but also easy to clean. Ensure you use a gentle cleaner and avoid any products containing alcohol.


Keep it away from dust and direct sunlight. Ideally, place it in a soft pouch to prevent contact with other objects.

Battery Life and Charging

The Lovense Lapis distinguishes itself not only in terms of pleasure but also its impressive battery capabilities.

Playtime Duration

Depending on your chosen intensity, the Lovense Lapis offers a significant duration of playtime.

  • Lowest Vibration Level: Ranging between 146 to 156 minutes. That’s almost three movies back-to-back!
  • Highest Vibration Level: Between 58 to 62 minutes, still a substantial amount for those intense sessions.

Quote: “The battery life of the Lovense Lapis ensures that the device won’t leave you hanging at those critical moments.”

Charging and Standby

With a mere 105 minutes to reach a full charge, the Lovense Lapis ensures you’re not waiting too long before you can dive back into your adventures. Plus, its impressive standby time of up to 120 hours ensures it’s ready to go whenever you are.

Features That Set It Apart

When you think of a strapless strap-on, various features might cross your mind. However, the Lovense Lapis comes packed with features that make it stand out in a crowded market.

Independent Motor Control

The genius of having three motors is maximized by the fact that they can be controlled independently or simultaneously. This provides a spectrum of experiences, from localized to holistic pleasure.

Design and Material

Crafted from skin-friendly silicone, Lovense Lapis promises both safety and pleasure. The flexible and adjustable neck ensures that the device molds as per your desires.

List of Standout Features:

  1. Double-Ended Vibrator: Enhances shared experiences.
  2. Waterproof (IPX7): Suitable for aquatic escapades.
  3. Optional Harness: For those preferring added stability.
  4. Lightweight: At 315g, it ensures comfort during extended sessions.
  5. Compatibility with Lovense Apps: A digital touch to a physical pleasure.

Addressing the FAQs

Every revolutionary product like Lovense Lapis comes with its share of queries. Let’s address some of the frequently asked ones.

Is it Dominant?

No, the Lovense Lapis is designed to be versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of desires and pleasures.

Material Safety?

Constructed from high-quality silicone, it’s both body-safe and promises a smooth experience.

Quote: “With Lovense Lapis, every feature and facet has been crafted keeping the user’s pleasure and safety in mind.”

User Experience

The magic of the Lovense Lapis lies in its user-oriented approach. After all, a good product is judged by the experience it offers.

Ease of Use

It’s common to hear that some technological products can be challenging to master. Fortunately, the Lovense Lapis is different. The intuitive interface ensures that even a novice user can get the most out of the device from the very first use.

Quote: “It’s as if Lovense Lapis was designed keeping every user’s experience level in mind.”

Noise Level

A common concern with many similar devices is their noise level. With Lovense Lapis, that concern is a thing of the past. Operating at less than 50 dB, it’s the discreet tool many have been looking for.

Maintenance and Durability

As with any quality device, it’s essential to take care of the Lovense Lapis to ensure its longevity.


Cleaning the Lovense Lapis is a breeze. Being waterproof, a simple wash with warm water and a mild cleaner is sufficient. However, be sure to avoid oil-based cleaners, which could degrade the silicone.


When it comes to storing the Lovense Lapis, ensure you keep it in a cool, dry place. The pouch provided with the product is ideal for preventing exposure to dust or other potentially harmful elements.

Testimonials and Reviews

What users say is the real litmus test for any product.

User Satisfaction

Feedback from Lovense Lapis users is overwhelmingly positive. Many praise its versatility, durability, and the intensity of its vibrations.

List of Main Testimonials:

  1. Claire from Paris: “I’ve never had such an experience with a similar device. The Lovense Lapis has revolutionized my intimate life.”
  2. Marc from Bordeaux: “Using the Lovense app with the Lapis took things to an entirely different level.”
  3. Elise from Lyon: “It’s the perfect gift. My partner and I love every moment spent with the Lovense Lapis.”

Overall Assessment

Based on reviews and testimonials, the Lovense Lapis clearly stands out as a market leader, offering an unprecedented experience to users.

Quote: “It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lovense Lapis has redefined expectations in intimate devices.”