Sex is not the only way to stay intimate… Use these tips to get ideas on how to spice up your long distance relationship!

Many long distance couples experience the “intimacy gap”: you communicate often, you let each other know how your day went, you Skype all the time… You love them, but “the spark” is missing. Don’t let this happen to your relationship!


The truth is, a long distance relationship doesn’t need to feel sexless. Use these tips to help you keep the spark alive! Ultimately, you need to create long distance intimacy in a way that works for you… You might not use all of them, but they should inspire you to spice to try new things and spice up your long distance relationship enough to keep things hot until your next meeting!


1. Go for the “sexual activities only” weekend getaway.

We love that idea so much that we still go on such getaways, even though we closed the distance one year back. The fact that you are away from home, duties and work will make you feel relaxed and allow to concentrate on another person, also, it might lead you to doing something what you wouldn’t do otherwise (be loud, dirty & free!).



2. Do some planning.

If you are not sure how to sext, planning is a great way to start! Tell them what you are planning to do to them next time you meet and ask what they would do to you (no limits – they could do anything they want to). It is as well a perfect way to find out about your partner’s secret fantasies and brainstorm on new activities you can add to your bedroom next time you meet!


3. Send naughty texts and tell them your dirty fantasies.

Play a game of telling each other three craziest sexual dreams of yours. It is not only turning on, but also useful to get to know your partner’s sexual needs or discover new ones.


4. Send sexy pictures when you are in the bathroom of your office. Surprise them during work.

Surprising your partner when he/she doesn’t expect it always works. Do not try to arrange a romantic Skype date or a sexting session. Just do a hot and unexpected gesture which will naturally lead both of you to doing something naughty as soon as your day is over.


5. Touch yourself and send them pictures of your face (or any other part of your body).

Time difference, work schedules and maintaining a social life make it difficult to schedule an online date where you can both enjoy Skype calls for hours. Instead, don’t be shy to take few pictures of yourself doing something naughty! Message them saying “I’m thinking of you and couldn’t help myself…” or something along those lines with the pictures. Intimacy can be created over distance and even strengthen the bond between you two.


6. Send erotic pictures when shopping.

Expanding on #5… What about taking some of your sex toys with you when you are out shopping and using them in the dressing room? Try to choose the ones which are not noisy and send pictures or videos of your erotic solo session to your lover.

Stock photo of young, fit woman in red swimsuit


7. Upgrade the pictures to videos!

Be their personal porn star! If you are shy the first time, you can start with “PG” movie. Record only your legs or whatever you are comfortable with… but do try to make it sexy- you might need a few takes. Soon, and likely with your partner’s encouragement to see more, you will see that your limits will grow!


8. Send them a sexy naked sleepy selfie every morning.

Or send them the picture of what underwear you’ve chosen for a day. It’s not necessary to stay on the phone throughout the day because you might start feeling bored and committed to report every step of yours. Something small, cheerful and sexy as a picture with a message: “Have a great day, my hero!” might set them up for a perfect day.



9. Skype Date (Naked).

Skype is the most convenient and popular way to spend time together- we used to do anything from watching movies, having dinner, even studying or working on various work projects together… It’s up to you, just be naked the next time you do it. Pleasant surprise when someone is not expecting this at all! Bet your partner won’t take their eyes off of their screen =)



10. Try out long distance sex toys.

We are lucky to live in times where companies offer solutions to help keep your long distance relationship from being sexless. Check out this set of toys which can be controlled across oceans or, even better- synced together- and consider purchasing them! Feeling uncomfortable about it? Just think about the possibility to upgrade your Skype dates to a new level!


11. Make a surprise visit.

They are simply the best- they make up for all the time spent apart, solve the arguments, misunderstandings and just charges you up for a long time! Try to plan one for your sweetheart- you can talk to his friends about his schedule or ask them to make fake plans with your partner during time of your visit- this way you would be sure that they would not decide to go on a sudden business trip or to visit their parents.


Bonus point: you will get much closer and get to know his friends as well!

Any relationship occasionally needs to be spiced up- but especially distant one. It is actually possible to keep the intimate connection alive with some effort, time and fantasy. So, don’t be shy and give freedom to your fantasy!

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