A Nice Gift Will Help You & Your Long Distance Partner Feel Closer!

Not be able to spend a Big Day together? Or simply missing your partner so much & want to send them something heart-warming? All you need is a bit of planning ahead and you can really make your lover melt!

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Before you start, think what kind of gifts made your significant other happy before and what kind of person your muffin is- romantic dreamer or does he value your naked butt more than anything? If he is the latter, you should check out this page for sexy ideas for your boyfriend!


For this blog post, I’ll provide 7 simple but creative long distance relationship gift ideas that will inspire you:


#1: Make Personalized Gift Coupons:

This is an amazing idea which will put a smile on your partner’s face for a long time! Get, let’s say, 12 hand-written coupons with personalized gifts (you know what they like- use that to our advantage)! Pack them into a nice box and add some special rules (for example, one coupon to be used once a month or every time you meet, or a confirmation email to be send to you before willing to using a coupon).


Coupon ideas:

  • An erotic massage given by you;
  • Romantic dinner made by you;
  • Surprise weekend getaway with you (this is where the confirmation email comes in handy);
  • Striptease by you;
  • “I will make your kinkiest fantasy come true” coupon;
  • “I do whatever you want all day” coupon…

It will be so much fun seeing their face as they redeem the coupon and as you carry out the idea. Because they are spread out, it’s a gift that keeps on giving and it will be talked about for the whole year!


#2: Write Them A Love Poem

You think you can’t do it? Ask a friend to help and have fun working on it. Talk about your love and how perfect and extraordinary your prince/princess is, and don’t forget to crack few jokes. Or, you can use this interactive love note, which will definitely give you some inspiration!

If you are short of time, you can take a picture of handwritten letter and send it to your sweetie pie. If you have time to send it by snail mail, pack it as a message in a bottle!

In these days, where technology seems to rule everyone’s life, a thoughtful gift like this will bring you and your partner together regardless of the distance!



#3: Organize A Long Distance Birthday Party

Most importantly, get a cake (is it really a birthday party without cake- haha)! No, don’t send a cake ordered from a local bakery. Buy their favorite cake, decorate it, call your friends over and Skype with your partner. Blow the candles, have some cheers and celebrate as one. I’ve been a part of a long distance birthday party and it’s a lot of fun. My friend’s boyfriend said he had the most amazing birthday party celebrated in this way 🙂

If time zones don’t permit a live, shared birthday party, you could record a video with everyone’s birthday wishes and then send it to your partner. Make sure to be skyping with him when he views the video so you can see his live reaction!


#4: Send Them T-shirt Or A Jumper Smelling Of You

For the guys- the most appreciated gift by your woman would be a T-shirt or a jumper smelling of you! Smell is the reason we steal your T-shirts to wear at home or sleep in. We all like keeping a small piece of you next to us- it might be a picture in the wallet, on our phone screen or something to sleep in. For me it feels like the closest experience to a real hug when I am apart from my partner.


#5: Send A Special Personalized Video

Be creative and brainstorm a bunch of ideas. If you’re stuck on what to do, here’s some inspiration: Shoot yourself throughout the day- record a bit of whatever you do (Snapchat style), friends passing on birthday wishes, cheering with a round of beers with the crowd in the pub, finished by a sexy performance at home… Let your imagination run and think of what your partner wants to see =) It’s simple, cute, sexy and extremely romantic!


#6: Leave Surprise Love Notes EVERYWHERE

This is the perfect “add-on” gift if you’re seeing your partner IRL for a special occasion! Hide small love notes all over their house- in the underwear drawer, stuff it into socks, wallet, shirt pocket, office bag, notepad etc. Every time I used to visit my boyfriend I would use time he was away and hide those notes all over his house. He would keep finding them for weeks!

Such a simple “present”, but I eventually found out he still keeps all these notes in his “box of sweetest memories”. He is very proud of having them.  I consider it the best gift I ever gave him 🙂

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#7: Prepare a “I Love You Notebook”

This is a super romantic idea- so make sure your partner would enjoy it before spending the time to do it! Remember this is about your partner’s happiness, not just yours! My friend actually proposed to his long distance girlfriend this way. He sent her a message with reasons why he adores and loves her every night. He did it for one entire month and at the same time he was writing them down into his “I Love You notebook”. He added some pictures, and gifted the book once they met after that month, with all the reasons, pictures and a proposal ring. You can skip the ring, but this is still very meaningful and cute.


Do you have any ideas for creative, simple DIY gifts? Comment below and I will add them to the list 🙂

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