Lovense Ambi Review: small, powerful (and the negatives)

Are long distance relationships consuming, hard, exhausting, and suck in general? Yes. But think about the positive side: plenty of apps designed for LDR couples, cheap calling options, internet connection anywhere you go, and sex toys that allow you to actually have long distance sex can help to keep the connection strong and continue to build the bond, even while miles apart.


I have been using Lovense products for quite some time—all of their toys have the ability to work over any distance with the help of a stable internet connection (yes, you heard it right). I was lucky to be one of the first ones to receive the new “most versatile bullet vibrator ever” (as Lovense states on their Indiegogo launch page). Ambi was sent to me from the first batch for reviewing.


What is it?


Honestly, I wasn’t hyped about receiving this one. I am not very enthusiastic about tiny toys, but I have to say that the shape of it intrigued me—it’s the first bullet vibrator I came across that looks like a small hammer!


As soon as I received the package (the original box was put into a plain brown box to make sure it’s discreet) I studied the picture on the back of the box that explains the usage, and I instantly related to its shape. “Hmmmm”, I thought, “Even though I don’t like bullet vibrators, I might get some use out of this one…”


The box comes printed with lots of information about the toy, and inside is one charging cable and a user manual. Before going further, I plugged in the toy to charge. Ambi has a magnetic charger which I didn’t like (AT ALL). I plugged it in for a charging, but the indicator light wasn’t on. From my previous experiences with Lovense toys, I knew the magnetic charger had to be positioned at a certain angle for it to work, so I end up spending couple of minutes trying to find the right position (and couple more trying to put the toy on the table in some magical way so the cable didn’t disconnect and the light stayed on so I could finally walk away). The charger is SO sensitive that even the slightest movement causes the charging process to stop. To make it more challenging, the charging light is so dim that it’s nearly impossible to see it in normal daylight. What a hassle. I definitely think Lovense should figure out a better way of connecting a charger.


How did I feel?


I have to admit that even thought I was quite annoyed with the charging experience, I got a pleasant surprise after turning it on. There were strong, rumbly vibrations I didn’t expect from a small toy! It has three vibration levels, but I noticed on the booklet that I can program those levels to my own preferred strengths AND add 10 custom patterns. This is exciting, since every vagina out there has different requirements.


After couple of uses, we found this toy to be a great addition to our bedroom. Its shape allows you to use it in multiple positions AND is comfortable to hold. It can give you a very nice pinpoint stimulation using the broader end of the head or you can get a kick out of broad vibrations by keeping the top of the head in between your labia.


Now imagine your man going down on you and using the thinner end of the head to stimulate your clitoris while his tongue is inside you! I loved the different sensations one small toy gave me I so many positions. Also, we can use it for foreplay, during sex, and when my boyfriend is away, too!


Nevertheless, I found it a little boring when it comes to long distance use. Read on if you want to know why.


Syncing with the Lovense Remote app


I already have a Lovense Remote app downloaded (Ambi uses the same app as other Lovense products like Lush and Hush) and I am aware of the syncing process, but even if you are a newbie, I can assure you won’t have any issues setting up. I had to do two things: enable Bluetooth and click + in the toys section. After a second of searching, my app was able to locate the toy. I click done, and the process was over. Another good thing is that the pairing process only has to be done once, and any time I open my app after that I can already see Ambi in the list of “My Toys”.


And finally, what does the app do?


As I noticed on the booklet, the app gives an option to program the three vibration levels, AND 10 personally created patterns. So, if you only intend to enjoy Ambi by using the button on the toy, you can actually fully pre-program all the vibrations as per your vagina’s needs!

Since I already own a Hush and Lush (read the review here), I am already aware about the possibility to connect two toys at the same time. Honestly, this is the best feature Lovense could come up with. I can now enjoy Hush and Ambi while having sex! Or, Hush, Ambi and my man’s tongue all at once?! Possibilities are endless.


The toy can respond to the sound, but I couldn’t think of how this feature could be used with THIS particular toy.  Going to the club while wearing Hush (or any other toy, suitable for public play) and having it respond to the sound is one of the things I LOVE. What about bullet vibrator? Get it to respond to a song playing in my living room while I am in bed? Maybe, but it’s not really needed since there is an option to sync it with the songs which are stored on my phone.


Having said that, it took me some time (and some customer service assistance) to figure out how to use this feature. I have a huge collection of songs on my iTunes, but none of them appeared on the app’s playlist. After contacting Lovense team I was told that I should download the songs for offline use to my phone. After couple of hours of trying (and few hours of research online) my boyfriend and I finally managed to get at least one song downloaded for sake of this review. It worked well, but the knotty process of getting it done is a bit of a letdown for me.


But… listen to this: there is a “streaming” option for those with Spotify accounts! All you need to do is sync it with your Spotify account. That will get all the songs from your Spotify profile appear on the Wearables Streaming section. The idea is simply incredible! However it, understandably, has few glitches because it’s still in a Beta stage. As soon as I clicked “Play” on the song, the tiny moving sign indicated that the song is already playing. But I heard nothing. My initial thought was that the sound on my iPhone was on mute. I checked it. Nope. It was at the highest level. I had to wait for 15-20 seconds for every song to start playing. And once I clicked “stop/pause”, I had to wait for the same amount of time for the vibrations to stop. So, if you are okay with delays, this function might be superb for you. Otherwise, you might need to wait until it’s improved.


Long distance lovers: there is quite a bit you can do (thankfully, it functions well, too).


I didn’t experience even one disconnection using the Live Control feature during long distance play with my partner. You can also send patterns, sync the toys to respond to each other’s movements in a long-distance play (in case your partner has Lush, Hush, or another Ambi), send pictures, voice messages, or, if you both have iPhones, get on a video call. Again, this function is in Beta stage and we tried it when my man was in Turkey. The video-call function has lots of delays. The video is hard to see (and a clear view what you need the most for your online dates!). Instead, we would get on a Skype call using our laptops and use the app only for live control function. It’s a never disappointing and the fastest solution.




I think Ambi is a great couple’s toy. I loved using it with my man for foreplay and during sex. I really appreciate the possibility to program the vibrations to my own needs.


Having said that, options of using Ambi when your partner is away are quite limited. I will definitely enjoy this tiny but powerful vibe as additional stimulation while using Lush or Hush over a distance (thanks to the feature of connecting two toys at once), but if you ask me about using Ambi by itself, I feel it might be only enough if you don’t need any G-spot stimulation to call your long distance sex session a successful one.


What do you think about the shape of it?


Curious to know more about Ambi? Check out more details here.


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