Feeling Desperate About What To Gift For Your Dong Distance Girlfriend? Check The List Below (Suitable For All Occasions And Budgets)!

I consider myself lucky because my boyfriend has been taking the initiative to make sure my birthday gets better year after year (it doesn’t matter if we are together or apart, he still achieves the goal).


If there is a special occasion coming up, and you are feeling desperate about what to buy for your girlfriend, don’t. Instead, think what kind of person she is and what makes her happy. Does she love spending her Saturdays at home watching Netflix and cooking or does hanging out at an art exhibition satisfy her? Would she prefer getting sports shoes over a piece of jewelry?


My man hits the jackpot every year because he knows me and what exactly I like- surprises and experiences. I am one of those people who don’t need things, a successful birthday for me is a memory of eating my favorite ice cream and cuddling under a carpet of sakura blossoms in Tokyo.


So, what kind of person is she? Does she love experiences more than accessories? In that case the options below are the best gifts:


#1. You! Paying her a surprise visit is the best gift ever. Make sure she knows NOTHING about your plans. It’s not an easy task and you will need to ask her friends/family to help you by arranging non-existing plans with her for the weekend when you are there. That way you will make sure she will be available – you wouldn’t want to get to know that she went away for a weekend trip as soon as you reach her house. If you are able to afford and execute this, don’t read further.


#2. Organize all your friends to pay her a surprise visit (including you) if she is away. I remember gathering all our friends from Asia and Europe for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday in Turkey. He had no idea that people were getting their visas ready few months before the surprise happened… On the big day he was convinced that we were going to have a family dinner in Istanbul, and once we reached the restaurant, he couldn’t believe all his friends were coming into the restaurant. We still talk about it as one of the most successful birthday surprises ever 🙂


#3. Another option is to organize a surprise holiday to a place none of you have visited before. Make sure the destination doesn’t require a visa for your girlfriend, so your surprise won’t get spoiled. Book the hotel and plan your itinerary for the entire time of your mini-vacation (according to her hobbies/interests). Knowing you not only took her for a surprise holiday, but also planned the entire agenda in detail, will blow her mind!


If your finances don’t allow you to pay for those flight/train/bus tickets…you still have options to surprise her in an original way. Read on.


DIY gift is the cheapest, cutest and the most romantic way to surprise your girlfriend.


#4. “Open when…” letters. You might find this concept little boring and old fashioned, but I can assure that this gift will always be successful because it will be made by YOU. If you are in the process of making it and are running out of ideas, check out this website, it has 280 “open when…” ideas.


#5. Love book. You can order a custom-made love book online where you will only need to enter the content yourself and you will receive a personalized, good quality book delivered to your sweetie. But what about a hand-written book, which takes time and effort to prepare?


Start preparing it a month in advance, think about couple of chapters, for example: “the reasons I love you”, “why I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, “how I realized that you are the one” etc. Make sure it turns out sensitive, but involve few good jokes, too.


Tip: What about including few pick-up lines (check out this interactive list of the best pick-up lines from pop culture and throw it in your love book!).


#6. Knit a scarf. I don’t think there will be many guys taking up this challenge, but just in case you believe you are capable of knitting, DO IT! Honestly, I would be the proudest girl on earth if I had a scarf knitted by my boyfriend 🙂


Go sexy! Get something to spice up her lonely nights. For example:


#7. Clone-A-Willy is a “cast your penis at home” kit. Check out their website and send your girlfriend a proper replica of the body part she is craving! Good news- they now have a clone-a-pussy silicone casting kit, too!


#8. A set of long distance sex toys is THE BEST gift (in my opinion) not only for her, but for you both as a couple. If you have wait for months before you can see each other and manage to meet only 8 times in a year, you must know the frustration which takes over the happiness in the relationship. I can personally assure you that long distance sex toys helped us to remain saints during our long distance phase. Check out my complete review of sex toys which work over distance here if you don’t know where to start your research.


What about a piece of meaningful, heart-warming jewelry, that can remind her of you at all times:

#9 Personalized simple, neat and very stylish Binari bracelet. Get a bracelet with Binary number on it as per your chosen initials to remind you of something that you both value. The bracelets are suitable for men and women, so you can get a set for both of you.


#10. A small hand of Fatima (a talisman created to protect against the evil eye) to keep her safe.


#11. “I’ll Be There” gold-plated brass and sterling silver piece bears with a heartfelt statement about the nature of true friendship and support (even over distance).


#12. If you need mode ideas of original custom-made jewelry, check out this page. It has plenty of amazing, cute, and very affordable pieces.


#13. Amazing (but expensive) rings, which allow you to feel the real-time heartbeat of your sweetheart whenever you feel like, just by simply tapping your own ring. I find it extremely valuable for military couples- you don’t disturb your partner, but can feel your loved ones presence by feeling their heartbeat. Even though the rings are sold out at the moment, you can subscribe to be notified in case someone cancels their order.


Is she spiritual? Check below:


#14. She is bound to fall in love with this singing bowl. The frequency produced by these bowls is said to generate positive energy within the home.


If she prefers spending time at home than enjoying happy hour at the local bar:


#15. Personalize… T-shirt, socks, or pajamas etc. Anything that keeps her feeling warm and cozy and has a personal message on it will make her feel so much better during those lonely nights.


#16. I am not sure if it’s just me, but I think that a night robe is a perfect gift for someone that is far away. Just the thought of something that I can wrap myself in while talking to my sweetheart on Skype gets me excited! (I never got a night robe from my boyfriend, but I suggested it as a gift to every friend of mine who is in a long distance relationship. There is something about me and night robes :))


Check out here for vast choice, good priced night robes.


#17. Dreamcatcher to make sure she gets good dreams.


Gift ideas, if her successful night involves cooking:


#18. Get her a cool apron.


#19. Get a cookbook from a place you both want to visit. I’ll recommend the one from our own bucket list. This original Nepali cookbook contains around 300 recipes!


#20. In case she prefers mixing cocktails instead of dough, get a cocktails mixologist set. It might not be one of those romantic gifts, but I assure you that a real cocktail enthusiast will appreciate it!


If your sweetheart is a gaming addict:


#21. You have to check out this website, where you can find a good amount of romantic gifts, too. Think about this cute bean that says “I love you” on it:



I hope this list gives you some ideas for your next special occasion! I would really appreciate it if you could share your gift ideas in the comments bellow, and I will make sure to add them to the list!

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