Vibease Review – Software Success & Hardware Hardship

Even though we successfully closed the distance, regularly occurring phases of being away from each other (due to my man’s work) made us feel like we are meant to belong in the LDR community forever! It also led me to starting this blog, sharing my LDR story and advice on how to deal with long distance love, and become keen on trying every sex toy in existence (or yet to come) which has ability to work over distance! And then, let you know what I think about it 🙂


Usually, I like more advanced, uhm … bigger sex toys, but I have to admit that Vibease is one of the prettiest vibrators I ever seen! The packaging didn’t disappoint either–a stylish and discreet design wouldn’t even require a gift wrapping paper in case I decide to gift it to one of my girlfriends.


What is it?


As described on their website, Vibease is a smart wearable Bluetooth controlled vibrator. Cute-looking and small enough to be comfortably carried around in your purse, rechargeable in 2 hours, and (as guide in the box states) “water resistant, but should not be submerged in water”. As soon as I got to touch the skin-like soft silicone, I instantly slipped it inside my panties to see how it feels when gets to its destination. Nice!


The box also includes two charging cables (shorter and longer one)- I was really happy to discover that, since losing the charging cables is something that always happens to me. The shorter charging cable is really convenient for charging the Vibease on the laptop. A black satin storage bag, and, of course, a user manual to make sure I’m all set up for the experience.


How did I feel?


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it stays place. Having said that, I was wearing skinny jeans and it gave additional support for my Vibease. I tried walking around the house while I was only wearing panties and it kept slipping out of position. Even during the times it stayed in place, it didn’t apply enough of pressure to my clit, and I felt it was too heavy for my lace panties to hold.


Talking about public play, I wouldn’t feel comfortable going out while wearing it under the skinny jeans and hoping that no one would notice my crotch vibrating- the thickness of the toy is 1 inch! Maybe it wouldn’t be exactly obvious that I’m wearing it, but I would prefer to immerse myself into public play while wearing tight panties, stockings, and a skirt or a dress- I prefer to stay confident about it being discreet and remaining in place. I’d love the toy to be a bit thinner!


It has 5 manual vibration modes, going from weakest to the strongest. It felt…okay, but not strong enough for me. Also, they are buzzy (and I love rumbly). I found it more suitable for foreplay or a relaxed public play session. Personally, the combination of the shape and buzzy of vibrations wasn’t enough for me to peak—and this is a huge disappointment. But for now, let’s talk about the positives.


Syncing with the Vibease app


The software team did a great job making it very easy to connect the toy with the app- all you need to do is make sure your Bluetooth is ON and click on “Connect to device” option. Then, a notification will pop up that the Vibease device is attempting to connect (this happened only the first time I was establishing the connection) and ask for your confirmation. Once you do that, you are ready to enjoy the perks. Also, the pairing process didn’t take more than 5 seconds!


And finally, what does the app do?


Overall the Vibease Chat user experience is great- fast, responsive, seamless, and easy!


You can invite your partner by entering their user name. If you don’t want to be disturbed by random friend requests, set up an additional request code and let your partner know- that way you can relax knowing that you won’t be bothered by random people. I set up the request code immediately after downloading the app, so I am not sure if these requests are common on Vibease chat, but the extra layer of security is a good idea. You can also set up a security pin-code, so your friends/parents/kids won’t be able to enter the app and discover your collection of erotic audio books (yes, we finally got to the interesting part!).


Vibease Chat has a wide range of erotic audio books (however, a majority of them are not free) which the toy can sync to. I have to be honest here- I have never read erotica before, let alone considered listening to one! Even though I am one of those people who prefer visual pleasures, I completely agree with Vibease: “hearing, mood, emotions, and fantasies all play a significant role in a woman’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction”.


As soon as I downloaded the Vibease Chat, I started reading the names of the audio books out loud: Punishment, Our Little secret… I decided to start with “Are you going to be my dirty girl?”


After listening to it for 30 seconds, I felt more awkward than sexually aroused… The episode was filled with slurpy, slapping sounds that feel like they belong on a Halloween scary soundtrack rather than an erotic recording, and the male voice actor sounded more clumsy than genuine – like he was reading the script at gun point and while trying to mimic the worst porn … ever.


As per the description on the website, the toy is supposed have stronger vibrations if the audio says “I am touching you hard” and softer ones- if it says “I am touching you softly”. I noticed only few occasional changes in the intensity throughout the story (while the story itself, to be honest, did nothing but turn me off).


I think that there definitely are women who would enjoy the possibility of listening to erotic audio book accompanied by vibrations of their sex toy, but it would be perfect if it could sync to any audio book. Or, the collection of the Fantasy Store should be improved. The few audio books I have tried did not motivate me to try any further. It also has 3 fairly boring nature sounds and offers the option to record your personal fantasy by using your voice or a song from the music library- one awesome feature for music lovers.


For those, in long distance relationships: It has a possibility to be used over distance with your partner! As soon as my man sent a vibe request, I got a suggestion to enable the auto approval for my man to access my device whenever he feels like. Hell, yes!!


Nevertheless, the times the app was closed to my side, I was only receiving a notification whenever my partner was texting me (and nothing when he sent a vibe request). It’s nice that the app sends a notification about your partner willing to play even if it’s not running in the background, but in case you want to actually receive a vibe-surprise, you need to make sure that the app is running in the background.


I was exploring the app the other day while my bae was out. I have sent a vibration request and he received a notification while his app was closed. I have to admit, he was really happy to discover this function:


In short, I assume that the setting for your partner to receive the vibe request while their app is closed is already implemented, but it definitely doesn’t work every time. It would be lovely if it would!


I didn’t experience any disconnection issues during long distance use (except of once it getting stuck at a certain vibration level my boyfriend sent, I had to force-quit the app for it to stop) and we were pleasantly surprised by the video call and pictures quality. However, every time we use video-call function, we have to wait 10-15 seconds after he accepts my call for the connection to establish.




It might work for you if you like erotica audio books. The toy allows you to enjoy a hands-free pleasure. Sit back, relax and watch your body responding to the new experience, or utilize your hands in a better way, either by touching or texting.


Talking about long distance usage, we prefer couple sex toys so neither of us feels left out. In this case, my partner could only enjoy the fact that he was able to control my toy. Furthermore, the buzzy vibrations didn’t help me reaching the peak and left us both with mixed feelings about Vibease.


A mix of software success and hardware hardship is not the best combination.

Do you have any questions about Vibease?

Do you own one? What’s your opinion about it?



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