My (wet) experience using Domi Mini Wand by Lovense. A first hand review

Over time, I started to like Lovense products because they seem to be the best fit for sexy long-distance dates. But, after stumbling upon Domi through Indiegogo, and reading about its power,  I knew I needed to get it as soon as possible (even though  my man and I have closed the distance for good).


First things first – Domi has become a go-to toy during play sessions with my man (or alone) and is one of the most powerful things to ever touch my genitals.


What is it?


Domi is a “super powerful mini wand” (fitting all those features into the same toy is a pretty big achievement!).


In addition, Domi is rechargeable, wireless, and water resistant.  Coming in at only 9.2 inches, this thing is tiny compared to other models on the market, yet it doesn’t compromise on strength – but more on that later).  It doesn’t overheat, is soft, sturdy, and has a reinforced neck which allows you to control the pressure. The head is made from silicone and the body is ABS plastic.


It has a light ring which responds when the toy is working. This feature might be interesting for long distance couples or cam girls, however, for me it was rather annoying as I found it too bright. I discovered the option to turn off the lights through the app (like all Lovense toys, Domi can be used with Lovense Remote app), but the function doesn’t work that well.

How did I feel?


I didn’t like the way the first level works – the ENTIRE toy starts moving, where all I can do is think about how to hold it without it feeling weird… At this point, I wasn’t happy (yet).


Going up just ONE level was a complete game changer- deep, rumbly and extremely powerful vibrations took my orgasms to a new level!


Simply put, I am in love with Domi and its power, despite few clear disadvantages, which are:


  • It’s too loud (but the original Hitachi Magic Wand is even louder)
  • The lights are too bright and not easy to turn them off
  • The buttons seem to be too sensitive- whenever I am playing with it, I keep accidentally changing the levels…


Then again, who cares when it makes you ejaculate this much?


Syncing with the Lovense Remote app


I’ve used Lovense Remote app plenty of times, so pairing the toy with the app only takes couple of seconds. Having said that, the app is fairly simple for the first-time users, too. All Lovense toys need to be paired with the same app, which makes the process easy and fast.


If you have Android/iOS phone or a Mac computer, all you have to do is make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled and click (+) in the toys selection. The app located the toy within seconds, and I was set to go! Yay!


If you have the Windows computer, you can now connect any Lovense toy to it as well. The bad news is that it comes at additional cost… You need to purchase a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter. However, it’s quite cheap – it costs only 5 USD when buying a Lovense toy. It will cost you 12 USD as a separate purchase. Also, one adapter can support 5 simultaneous connections.


When using the dongle the set-up is super basic. The only additional step is to plug the adapter into the free USB port before taking same steps as when pairing it with your phone.


And finally, what does the app do?


Primarily, it’s a programmable toy which allows you to program the three vibration levels as per your desired strengths and 10 personally created patterns. Once you are done with the process and your toy responds to your personal needs, you can enjoy Domi by ONLY using buttons on the toy.


Even though Domi became the favorite bedtime playmate (and we don’t use it with the app), I see it working pretty well for all the LDR couples out there.


Domi mini wand can’t utilize all the possibilities the app has to offer (like public play) due to its non-wearable nature.


But I’m sure that you can still have lots of fun during your Skype sessions. Your man will go crazy just by controlling your toy over distance and watching your reactions. In fact, your man might not even need to control your toy. Just watching you wet your blankets will get him C-R-A-Z-Y.




Yes, Domi has a few minor design issues that could be improved (sensitive buttons, weirdly shaking body on the lowest vibration level, sound level, and software (lights off, please), but none of it matters when it makes you orgasm every few minutes.


I love the fact that it’s a small, rechargeable, wireless, well-built, SUPER powerful mini wand that can be used continuously for 1-1.5 hours. Oh, it’s also beautiful. But even if it wasn’t, my genitals would love it anyways.



You can check out more information about Domi here.

One thought on “Lovense Domi Review. My First Hand (Wet) Experience

  1. Although the perks are snazzy, a little over a year without regular use my wand stopped working and the Lovense team wasn’t helpful about it. I don’t recommend this product as it wont last. You’ll be sinking $100 a year for something that will eventually lose usability just after warranty.

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