A “Long Distance Pillow” Review. Looking At LDR Tech Solutions

Pillow Talk (long distance pillow) is a set of 2 wristbands and 2 small speakers. You both wear the wristbands which send the sound of your heartbeat to the small speaker under your partner’s pillow, miles away. It’s an awesome idea!


I got to know about Pillow Talk a few years ago from my (then) long distance boyfriend (we’ve closed the gap) and when I noticed it on Kickstarter I was really excited to see it coming out in the market- so many couples out there will finally have a chance to have a calmer night sleep!


I really feel for those couples in long distance relationships because I know how hard, frustrating and challenging it gets at times. I remember how many sleepless nights I had just because I felt lonely, sad, frustrated and felt like cuddling with my boyfriend. Pillow Talk gets pretty close to that- so we backed it!


Unfortunately, it has not been smooth sailing. Despite having closed the gap, we are still looking forward to the product. My boyfriend and I still consider ourselves to belong to the long distance relationship community and we’d like to try it out and be able to recommend it to others… but at this moment, we cannot.


The first issue, though not the creators fault was a technical hitch on  BUT a technical hitch at Kickstarter’s end that caused all of us backers receive an email that our payments were declined. The campaign successfully raised £82,019 but they claimed to have lost 20% because of the glitch.


The team had a rocky time filling up the cash gap themselves. Things got delayed… The shipping was due in May, 2016. May has passed. Today, Little Riot is still aiming to deliver the Pillow Talks in December of 2016.


No one is protected from facing financial issues, but what really disappointed me and other backers was the lack of communication and updates (and that’s what backers need in return for their support, encouragement and financial backing). Since the project took so long, many backers closed the distance or even ended their relationship :(.


My boyfriend and I are still hoping to receive a quality product at the end of the year, which we can use when we are apart. I hope the product is as great as the say it will be, because it truly is a great idea.


Love knows no distance and being able to feel each other’s presence, even when you’re not next to your partner, helps comfort us with distance gaps.


With a new delivery date of “late 2016”, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but if you’re considering purchasing the product you might as well wait until it’s in stock. If not, you may also be frustrated about the lack of communication from the creators (and there could always be another delay)!

5 thoughts on “A “Long Distance Pillow” Review. Looking At LDR Tech Solutions

  1. Hey Guys! Marion here from Little Riot! We just came across your articles and wanted to apologise personally for the delay in shipping, and communications. We are a small team and pulling it together for all you guys in ldr, and we too can’t wait to have our own Pillow Talks to use finally! We are getting samples back and forth from the project manager at the factory and are working towards an April shipping date all going well. We have the added challenge now of the Chinese New Year shut down but we are pressing the factory now so fingers crossed. Where are you based? We are have some prototypes we could share to let you review. Always good to get feedback! 🙂 Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] xxxx

    1. Hi Marion,

      I appreciate your care! I would also gladly try out the prototype and add a first-hand review over here! Will send you an email.

      Hugs, Lisa

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