10 Interesting Long Distance Relationship Movies

Long Distance Relationship Movies From the U.S.

Going the Distance (2010)

A romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long which is not told in the typical female perspective. Both perspectives are shown, so it adds an element of realism to the storyline (for men). Overall, it’s able to stay pretty funny while portraying a long distance relationship in a realistic way. It has a different feel from typical Hollywood movies… but lacks anything special. This is the most-known movie about LDRs, so I had to mention it, but I would stay away. Watch the trailer here.


Nights and Weekends (2008)

Featuring non-professional actors, this low budget film portrays two twenty-somethings and their struggle to connect from Chicago and New York. It purposely doesn’t feel like a Hollywood movie. The style of film and improvised script is either loved or hated by viewers. I think it’s one of the better films to get a good look into a true long distance relationship and the difficulties it brings. If you’re in an LDR, you’ll connect better with the themes and characters in this movie compared to other films with bigger budgets. Watch the trailer here.


Macho (2009)

A realistic take on a relationship that begins passionately. One character is from Mexico and the other is from Canada, which meet when visiting Los Angeles. The on-screen chemistry of the two actors is pretty good and the director has an interesting way of telling the story. The scenes in the film are very believable and realistic. There are some shining humorous moments, but character development lacks and the only connection the character seem to have is sexual. Definitely watch it if you’re tired of the unbelievable hollywood style films! Watch the trailer here.


International Long Distance Relationship Movies

10,000 KM (2014)

This Spanish language film analyzes the boundaries of long distance relationships and may teach you how to cope with the difficulties. Really good story as it kept me interested the whole time, while there are only two characters and very few filming locations in the entire movie! You’ll find yourself relating to both the characters as the daily skype sessions go on and their relationship gets more challenging. Watch the trailer by clicking here.


Hanamizuki (2010)

This Japanese language film has a simple script and great acting. The plot is not much to write home about, but the characters are innocent and cute, which may remind you of one of your first relationships. While it is a decent movie, it may not be good for people who need a quickly moving plot- it gets slow at times.  Watch the full movie here! (There are subtitles in English, but I’m not sure how great the translation is!)


Geliebte Stimmen (2006)

This German language film tells a story about two immigrants in Munich who connect because they both have long distance lovers. One has a partner in Ghana and the other has a partner in Peru. It shows the struggles of living as an immigrant as well as having the added pressure of trying to maintain a long distance relationship. It’s a good movie for those with a partner who has to work or travel abroad for an extended period of time. Watch the trailer (in German) here.


Anime Movie About Long Distance Relationship

Voices of a Distant Star (2004)

This short animated film is simply beautiful. It’s about a teenage couple that is forced apart due to military reasons. She has to travel to another planet and can only communicate via text messages. The farther she travels, the longer it takes for the signal to return to Earth, leading to delayed communication. Given the fact that the animation was done byby one man, on his computer at home the storytelling is amazing. Truly wondeful piece of work that that allow you to connect with the characters in less than 30 minutes! Watch the trailer here.


Movies About Long Distance NeverMets

Hank and Asha (2013)

A beautifully shot low budget film about an Indian Girl and a New York Guy who begin a relationship as a couple of never mets. They feel disconnected from the physical world and their video letters to each other bring them both a sense of comfort. While the online-only form of communication does bring difficulties into their lives, they get to know each other better than many of their “real life” acquaintances. Watch the trailer here.


Documentary Movies About Long Distance Relationships

LoveTrips (2011)

This documentary takes place throughout Europe and tells the story of 12 couples. The interviews cover stories about how they met, how they stay connected and the difficulties they experience. Fascinating to get a look into the lives as they spill all for the filmaker. You’ll definitely connect with some of these people if you’re in an LDR, too! Watch the trailer here.


Mind The Gap (2013)

This short documentary is directed by one-half of a long distance couple. His boyfriend lives in Brazil and he lives in London. After deciding to make a documentary about his experience, he decided to combine other’s experiences into the film, too. He tells his story along with the story of three other couples who are in an LDR. Interesting insight into the lives of real couples. Watch the trailer here.

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