It is possible to make a New Year’s celebration apart memorable for both of you. Find out how!

If you happen to celebrate this New Year’s Eve apart, you might be feeling low — your darling won’t be there during the countdown, and when everyone around you will be kissing at midnight, you will most probably be taking a selfie for your SO. I’ve been in this situation a couple of times, and, I must admit, it didn’t feel right. And things just get worse. Every year, TV, radio, and advertisements in shopping malls constantly remind us that during this time of the year, you MUST spend time with your loved ones.

However, you shouldn’t feel bad. Many long distance couples choose to spend New Year’s Eve apart because flights around this time of year become way too expensive. I won’t give any recipes on how to buy cheap tickets so you can jump on a plane to see your sweetheart, but I will share my suggestions on how to create a festive mood even if you are living in different time zones.


First, and most importantly, don’t restrict yourself from making plans on New Year’s Eve with your friends or family just because your partner won’t be present (unless you really don’t want it). It’s fine if both of you feel like staying home that night and having a cozy Skype date, but I believe that New Year’s Eve is not the right time to close yourself in the house. Instead, make sure you arrange your schedules to have your time before you both head out, and try to get in touch few times throughout the night. I know, time differences might make it very uncomfortable. So, you could arrange to have the special date one day earlier.


Put in effort to have the most special date of the year


Ask each other in advance what both of you want to do on your last date of the year. Maybe they would like to see you wearing sexy underwear or that sultry red dress you wore on your first date? Make it special by doing something unique. What about each of you get fresh oysters and a bottle of Moët & Chandon and enjoy them naked (wearing only Santa hats)? If you don’t have much time to decorate, it’s fine. But make sure you make time to pop into a store for those oysters and champagne!




Send each other gifts in advance so both of you can unpack them while you see each other’s expression. If you have no time left to send real gifts, get some ideas how to prepare simple but awesome DIY gifts here. Some of them can be easily done while you are on a Skype call!


Create New Year’s resolutions for you as a couple


Come up with a list of resolutions which would make your relationship stronger in the coming year. Some ideas: will have more real dates, one of you will (try to) move or both of you will work towards a solution, talk more often, will try to be more understanding, find compromises, show more attention to each other, visit new places together etc.


Do something completely unexpected and sexy to your partner!


This will bring on so many different ideas for different people. And it’s awesome because you will remain original (you are welcome to share your ideas with me in the comments section below).


Your goal is to make sure you finish the conversation seeing how amused/thrilled/horny they are!

Think what you have never done and what would have them wanting to come and visit you at that very moment? Never touched yourself while you are on a video call? Never stripped for them? You will love the result. My boyfriend was visiting me for a weekend after my New Year’s Eve surprise for him. 🙂




Before both of you head out, agree to prepare 10 wishes for each other (in advance) and write them down on a piece of paper. Get on a short Facetime call at midnight, take out your notes, and take turns saying one wish each until you complete the list. You will be surprised on many wishes will match. The fireworks exploding around you will match what you’re feeling!


Create a memory


Take some silly pictures posing next to the Christmas tree/dinner table/dance floor and pose (in a way that you could connect them together and keep as a memory for the future). Check out what this couple has done here. It might be a bit banal, but it is still very sweet, and might turn into a new hobby for you. 🙂


For those who like to take their communication to another level: get people at your party involved with friends at his party (you should be in the same time zone for this one)


This might be extremely fun if your friends know each other. Find a few minutes to get on a Facetime call when everyone is on the dance floor and having fun together. Encourage both groups to have a round of drinks, wish good fortune to each other, or even dance a couple of dances. This might be fun but also risky in some cases. I know many people who get annoyed by someone who has their significant other on the phone all the time. If you decide to enjoy an online dance, ask your friends beforehand if they are okay with it.

Both of you don’t feel like going out and want to celebrate at home? Make it fun, sexy, and memorable. Spend time planning/arrange a special event, dress up, cook a meal together, eat your favorite dessert, or drink champagne and talk about the most memorable moments together. End it by watching a romantic comedy online and sleep while on a Facetime call so you can wake each other up!

Don’t get sad. Plan a bit and have an amazing time even if your sweetheart is away! Do you have ideas how to make New Year’s Eve special? Share your ideas below!

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