15 Cheap Places to Travel with Your LDR Partner

If you and your long-distance partner want to spend your time traveling together, here is a sample of 15 places where you can do a lot without spending a fortune.

Also, keep in mind that these numbers are based on the cheapest available options such as backpacking, hostels, cheap street food or supermarkets, no souvenir shopping – all the no frills of a shoe-string holiday. If you want to add a tad more luxury, plan on adding at least 20-30 more dollars to the averages below.


  • VIETNAM, 30 USD/day

This this place is totally underrated and ridiculously cheap. Yes, there are areas of concern…just don’t go to those places. Everything is low cost – beers for 20 cents, dinners for a dollar. It’s also not overcrowded with tourism.



Relatively untouched by over-tourism, you can hike the mountain ranges, visit the Black Sea, explore hillside monasteries, as well as a mix of old, crumbling architecture mixed with Gregorian houses.


  • LAOS, 30 USD/day

Aside from being a party mecca during certain times of the year, there’s lots of forest to get your nature-loving on. There’s also tree huts, zip-lining through jungles, hot air balloon rides, and plenty of waterfall fun. Since more of the traffic goes to Thailand, Laos is a great choice.


  • MEXICO, 40 USD/day

It might have a bad reputation due to the media, but Mexico can be a wonderful travel destination, especially if you avoid the tourist traps. The culture and cuisine alone is worth the trip.


  • ROMANIA, 30 USD/day

Part of the Transylvanian region, this is a tucked-away gem you must see at least once in your life – especially if you love medieval looking things. You’ll have ancient fortified churches, beautiful mountains, cute town (not the Soviet buildings you think of). It’s truly a money saver.


  • CAMBODIA, 25 USD/day

Yes, there are the amazing, iconic temples. But did you know there are equally beautiful samples outside the tourist circles. Other than that, it’s beautiful, natural scenery that will keep you busy for days.


  • CUBA, 40 USD/day

It’s a “see it before it changes” destination. Once it was focused on expensive vacationing but now it’s more accessible, as well as not as affected by globalization. There’s plenty of old-fashioned looking lifestyles as well as delicious but cheap food and living space.


  • MOROCCO, 40 USD/day

Travel in Africa might scare some people off, but Morroco is quiet safe enough – and really close to Europe. Avoid the aggressive sellers and take advantage of the small, but growing, backpacker hostels, or pay a bit more for a traditional “hotel” (riads) with an inner courtyard.



The islands, my god, the island choices are in the thousands – some are very touristy, some are pretty much untouched. You also have some wonderful scenery like rice fields or a combination of Asian and Spanish/US colonial influences within the architecture. It definitely an alternative choice to Thailand.


  • INDIA, 20 USD/day

By far probably one of the cheapest places in the world to travel. If you’re willing to book all the things yourself (no packages, agents, or online booking), haggle a little over prices, and explore the south more than the north, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. Also, be prepared for the difference of “time” – you need to be flexible because transportation there is a unique beast.


  • PORTUGAL, 40 USD/day

Asia will be the ultimate for cheap holidays, but Europe still has a few places you can stretch your budget. Portugal is one of them. Take advantage of hostels, cheap deals, free attractions, etc. Treat it like a semi-expensive place you have to make smart choices in when it comes to money.


  • JAMAICA, 30 USD/day

I went to Jamaica for my honeymoon and I can tell you that you won’t be starved for choice. Other than their normal exports, tourism is a main staple. You can find everything from “couples only” all-inclusive resorts to huts on the beach. Piece of advice, don’t bother changing over to the Jamaican dollar, you’ll do a lot better with American bills. It’s the epitome of music, beaches, and relaxation.


  • IRAN, 20 USD/day

This is another place that sounds scary (due to the media), but honestly it has one of the most welcoming cultures you’ll ever find – so much that you could solely rely on hitchhiking and being invited to stay in locals homes for free. If you’re still nervous, do your research and don’t travel solo. It’s worth the experience.


  • BOLIVIA, 25 USD/day

Travel might be a bit slow or complicated here (although it does have good connections to neighboring countries), there’s plenty to see and do. Just make sure you book your ticket well in advance because there are not as many flights as you think. You might also find yourself having to take one of those little double propeller planes to get paces. I can also tell you the food is delicious.


  • GREECE, 40 USD/day

Since the debt crisis, things in Greece have changed when it comes to tourism … except in the summer months, which remains expensive. Stick to fresh markets and cooking yourself instead of restaurants. Aim for free tours or exhibits. Other than that, the reasons for visiting here are quite obvious – the history and architecture alone is phenomenal.




What other cheap places would you recommend? Share in the comments!

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